Alicia Dominguez is a bicultural and bilingual community leader currently working as a paralegal with Albarelli & Stirba LLC. She was born in Tenancingo in the State of Mexico where she lived until she was five years old and was raised in Wilmington, Delaware with a strong Mexican background. Later, she graduated from Neumann University in Aston PA with a degree in Political Science. Her professional and personal background has brought advocacy to social concerns while her experience as a member of Voices Without Borders, Inc., allowed her to bridge generational, cultural, and language gaps by developing working relationships. In her spare time, Alicia is also an avid photographer and seeks for opportunities to make a positive impact in the community through different vehicles such as the arts, advocacy, and education.


  • Neumann University- Political Science, B.A., 2013

Community Activity

  • Board President- Voices without Borders, Inc., 2001-2009
  • Parish Council Member/Sunday School Teacher- St. Paul’s Roman
  • Catholic Church of Wilmington, 2002-2009
  • Media Mentor- Hearts and Minds Films, summer 2009
  • Children’s Aide- Corazon Alimentado, 2007-2011


  • 2007 Community Service Recipient- Latin American Community Center of Wilmington

Se habla espanol.